I never knew

That I could love someone

Just a little too much

Until I wrenched

The bloodied rose

Out of my chest

To show you my love

But forgot the thorn

That sliced your finger.



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It’s a quiet feeling –

This sense of unease:

It feeds on me like a parasite,

Wrecks me like a disease.

The numbness in my head,

The chills down my spine,

The restlessness and frustration

Have to be a sign.

It is coming,

It is coming here,

So you better run fast

Says the whisper in my ear.





Days of silence,

Months of neglect,

Years of hatred,

Love’s palace wrecked.

Second of affection,

Minute of attention,

MomentĀ of connection,

Then another rejection.

Words of comfort,

Words of passion,

Pour forth swiftly

Like arduous ration.

Laughs of today,

Tears of tomorrow,

You leave me again

To my eternal sorrow.


A Hard Choice




In overdrive,



And terrified,


Closed shut


I hover

Between life

And death,



To give in

And jump

Over the



The Beginning of the End



Take me back

To the time my steps were small

And there was always someone to save me

From each and every fall.

Take me back

To the time my mum was my world,

My dad was my superhero

And life, just a mystery to be unfurled.

Take me back

To the time the giggles were real,

When life was so simple

And love wasn’t a deal.

Take me back

To the time when it all began,

I’ll try to turn my feet around

And change the course of the plan.


Darling, I Wish…



Darling, I wish

I could go back in time – 

Wipe your tears away,

Hold your hand in mine.

Darling, I wish

I could watch you while you sleep

When you’re at your most vulnerable – 

See everything you’ve buried deep.

Darling, I wish

I could keep you with me forever –

Spend my entire life with you,

Be parted from you, never.

Darling, I wish

I could love you a little less

Or maybe gather enough courage

To look you in the eye and finally confess.






Sliding down

My nervous skin

Like water

Cascading through

The gentle gaps

Between the rocks –

Streaming in.


Drowning Reality



Blurry eyes

And clouded vision –

My own mind

Feels like a prison.

Desperate fingers

Struggling in the smoke,

Trying to grasp reality

Which is but a joke.

The chaos in my head,

Like a bottomless pool,

Threatens to drown me –

The delusional fool.

Here in the water,

With no air to breathe,

I flail around, terrified,

Of the monster underneath.

My screams go unheard

And fighting is no use,

My throat feels choked

By an invisible noose.

Limbs getting paralysed,

I strain my eyes to see

But I might as well be blind

For down here, it’s just you and me.





The fire

In my soul

Refuses to subside;

My need

To murder – I can

No longer hide.

The day

You touched me

A part of me died;

And a bit more

When I saw

How you’d lied.

Now sit back

And enjoy

The bloody ride,

For now

It’s my turn

To break your pride.