My Stranger



Hooded eyes and hidden smiles

My stranger watches me

Like a phantom of the night

And I’d be vexed at the scrutiny –

The cheapest intrusion:

Mind, body, soul

All thrown into chaos –

But that I watch him too

More thoroughly

And more darkly

Than his beaded eyes ever could.

I wonder why romantic fools

Consider battles like ours sensual?

I see nothing but malice

Cruel, narcissistic

Conceited challenge in his smile:

Nothing but himself

And then him some more

Drowns in the depths of him

And there’s no room to drown

A single human soul.

And yet I stare

Locked in the snake’s tempting glare

Linking my eyes with his

My soul to his

Wrecking my world

Losing my peace

Panting – for breath

And for a little space

To drown myself in him.




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