The Yellow Lady




Oh! Fire…

A dancing flame,





With no beginning

And no end.

An ancient song

She sways to;

Slow, lithe, graceful,

Exuding joy,

Consuming grief –

Her immortal light

An elegant gleam.


Happy Diwali!


Here’s to hoping that this Diwali brings all you bloggers better post ideas and allows your inner writer to shine and sparkle like never before! May you be happy and prosper for many more Diwalis to come! ❤


Spiderman Meets the Weasley Twins

Peter Parker panted under his Spandex suit. Sharp gusts of the cold London air were tearing through his lungs. He looked up at the angry sky from where he stood atop the clock tower.

He did not have much time now.

A fantastically ugly and dangerous mutation had escaped from Oscorp barely 24 hours ago and Peter still couldn’t believe the wild chase the ridiculous thing had given him. If only that little girl hadn’t got stuck on the wings of the cargo plane (even he was incredulous how that one happened) and hadn’t obliged him to deliver her safely back to her mother, he would’ve caught the sucker before it managed to reach the Eurasian landmass.

And yet, here he was, royally exasperated with his life and quite at a loss regarding the whereabouts of the said mutt.

With a quick leap, Peter cut through the air like a bullet, soaring towards the ground while he shot out his spider webs onto the walls of the tower, climbing down gracefully.

A few people stared at him as his feet touch solid ground and he groaned. He could almost envisage the headlines in the newspapers tomorrow, “Spiderman’s Stunt in London.” And he’d have to be back at home before Aunt May could miss him too much. No time for a quick London tour either, as luck would have it.

Deciding he needed a change of clothes, he was just about to look around for a clothes shop or something when a voice called out behind him, making him jump.

“Merlin’s beard!!”

And so the English have arrived, he thought, rolling his eyes. He turned around, fully prepared to find someone opening gaping at him, camera at the ready to click his picture, perhaps even a selfie with him. Instead he saw before him two young boys, probably the same age as himself, big identical grins on their identical faces and their identical hands free of any (identical?) cameras. He sighed inwardly in relief.

“What’s up, boys?” he called out, nodding towards them, hoping they’d direct him to someplace where he could lay his hands on some free clothes.

“Didn’t think you frequented London, mate!” one of them said enthusiastically.

“But you’re welcome all the same!” the other chimed in.

“This is Fred-,” the first one said, pointing to the other.

“And this is George,” Fred said, pointing towards his brother.

“Spiderman,” Peter returned, extending his hand towards the two. They shook hands quite firmly before Peter asked them casually, not expecting an affirmative response, “Seen anything big and hairy on the streets lately?”

“Not really,” Fred said. “Unless by hair, you mean fur.”

“You have?” Peter asked, surprised.

“Just heard on the Wizard’s Wireless,” George replied. “Big rabbit-like monster at Diagon Alley. We were just going to check it out.”

“Yeah, definitely didn’t sound native so figured we might as well try and experiment some of our Dungbombs on him and see if his fur absorbs the smell,” Fred chuckled.

Peter stood with his mouth open, staring the twins, unable to make head or tail of what they said. He shook his head. “Enough with the jokes guys,” he said, turning away from them and starting to walk away as the two placed a friendly hand each on his shoulders and laughing and talking nonsense, led him through London to a funny little inn on a funny little road. They led him through the inn quickly and he was sure that they were two very disturbed people when they tapped the wall at the outside the back of the inn in randomly strategized places.

But when the wall separated and revealed a busy market place to him, he wondered if he himself was going mad.

Right in front of him, however, stood the object of his quest. The white Rabbit Monster was flailing around wildly, its hair flying about and covering his face, through which his vicious fangs glinted dangerously.

Peter tensed at the sight, ready to lung at the creature, heedless of the dozens of people surrounding the monster, waving wooden sticks in front of them that shot out jets of different colored lights at the creature, each jet making it angrier than before.

Quick as lightening, he ran towards the Rabbit Monster, shooting out his webbing from his wrists towards the thing so that its limbs were entangled and useless. It thrashed about as the whole of Diagon Alley looked at Peter, completely spell bound.

“I’ll handle it for you, folks,” Peter shouted confidently as he raised his wrists again. But the Rabbit Monster seemed to absorb the webbing into his white fur, making his fur coat even thicker and shinier.

Okay, so this changes things, he thought, worriedly.

Suddenly, from behind him, small objects made their way towards the monster and before he could get a good look at them, disappeared in a puff of black smoke right at the feet of the Rabbit Monster. He turned around to see the twins saluting at him, wicked grins on their faces.

While the monster was distracted, Peter ran towards it. He shot out his webbing at the monster again, though he knew it wouldn’t hold it off permanently. Landing on the roof of a shop right beside the wild monster that was struggling with the webs, Peter jumped onto the monster’s head, balancing himself expertly on the silky fur and bent down towards its face.

The Rabbit shook its head violently, making him clutch at its fur. Struggling to retain his balance, he still advanced towards its face.

Suddenly, the ground beneath the creature’s feet began to transform into a swamp, stopping the creature in its head-shaking and buying Peter enough time to shoot his webbing at the Rabbit’s eyes, blinding the creature. With its paws arrested in the swamp and darkness behind its eyelids, the creature stopped in its wild thrashing around and grunted loudly and Peter quickly took out the syringe filled with the antidote and injected it into the monster.

“Way to go, Bunny!” Peter cheered as the Rabbit monster began to transform back into a regular sized rabbit.

He jumped down onto swamp-free ground and let his eyes stray towards the twins among the joyous shouts and cheering of the queer folks about. Their usual triumphant grins on their faces, Fred and George nodded at Peter. Peter grinned behind his red and blue mask and nodded in turn.

Spiderman+WickedTwins 1. Bunny Rabbit 0.